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In response to added burdens on hospitals as the result of COVID-19, the TAKEheart Team is temporarily postponing regularly scheduled activities. Learn more about the alternate ways that TAKEheart is working to support hospitals during this time.

Benefits of Joining the Learning Community

TAKEheart supports Learning Community Hospitals in their efforts to increase patient participation in CR by providing:

  • Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, including affinity groups that address mutually identified barriers or issues
  • A bi-directional listserv that provides up-to-date information on recent publications, tools, and other CR resources
  • High-impact, expert-led training that provides guidance on implementing evidence-based strategies for improving CR referral, enrollment, and retention

These resources are provided to participating hospitals at no cost.  

Requirements to Join the Learning Community

TAKEheart Learning Community Hospitals must:

  • Be interested in improving referral, enrollment, and retention in CR for eligible patients
  • Refer patients to CR services either in their own or external facilities
  • Complete an online application

Join the TAKEheart Learning Community and learn CR quality improvement strategies that will help your hospital save lives, improve patient health, and reduce hospital readmissions.

To join the TAKEheart Learning Community, submit an application